Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Reading list for Writing Our Lives Writing Ourselves Workshop (Spring 2015)

The past spring I led an 8 week writing and reading workshop centered on reading and raising the voices of transgender writers. The following is the reading list from that workshop series.

Reading list for Writing Our Lives Writing Ourselves
From THEM Issue I/2013 :
Janani Balasubramanian, Maybe a little girl will kill me tomorrow (poem)
Calvin Gimpelevich, Innovation, Reversal, and Change (short story)
Mx Glass, Errae and American Crow (prose poem)
Van Binfa, Four Years (poem)
Joy Ladin, Letter To Radfems (poem)
From Troubling The Line:
Amir Rabiyah, Escape Artist (memoir/personal essay)
Aimee Herman, to soften (poem)
Ari Banias, Exquisite Corpse (poem) Solve for X (poem) & On Being a Stranger. Instinct. Messiness,        Binaries, Failure, Discomfort, and How I Think I Write Poems (personal essay)
CA Conrad. Somatic Poetry (prose poem) & DON'T TAKE ANY SHIT!! A (Soma)tic Poetics Primmer      (personal essay)
D'Lo, Poetics Statement (personal essay)
Duriel E. Harris, Portrait (poem) & Poetics Statement (prose poem)
Eli Shipley, Encounter (poem), Six (poem), and Boy with flowers (poem)
Fabian Romero, My Name (poem)
Jaime Shearn Coan, circulation (poem) and forcing the hand (poem)
Jen (Jay) Besmer, Eels Look Like Snakes (visual poetry)
Jenny Johnson, Tail (poem) and Poetics Statement (personal essay)
Joy Ladin, Ready to Know (poem)
Lori Selke, Woman/Dog (poem)
Lizz Bronson, Creation Myth #3 (poem)
Oliver Bendorf, Split it Open Just to Count the Pieces (poem)
Stacey Waite, Poetics Statement (personal essay)
Meg Day, Sit On the Floor with Me and When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail
Eric Karin, Verses Vs.(poem)
Y. Madrone, Listen, we are coming down to straighten everything out. (poem) & a chest is an        embarassment to have. (poem)
Natro, Naturaleza. (poem)
kair edwards, each moment its own atmosphere (poem)
From Captive Genders:
Paula Witherspoon, My Story (prose)
Ralowe Trinitrotoluene Ampu, Hotel Hell (prose)
From Gender Failure:
Ivan E. Coyote, Many Moons. and A CautionaryTale (prose)
Rae Spoon, How to Be a Transgender Country Singer (prose)
From Julia Serano's Whipping Girl and Excluded:
Julia Serano, Barrette Manifesto (prose) and Love Rant (prose), Whiping Girl
Julia Serano, Margins (prose) & Transfeminisms: There's no conundrum about it (prose), Excluded
From Janet Mock's Redefining Realness:
Selected excerpts
From Nia King's Queer and Trans Artists of Color:
Selected excerpts
From Seasonal Velocities:
Ryka Aoki, Proestrus (prose) and Raccoon (prose)
Online Video Resrouces:
Andrea Gibson, Andrew (poem and performance)
Andrea Gibson, The Madness Vase (poem and performance)
Andrea Gibson, Jellyfish (poem and performance)
Malic White, The Pink Stallion via The Moth (storytelling and performance)
Miscellaneous Sources:
Pride and Exile by Eli Clare
Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker by Joe Kadi (formerly Joanna Kadi)
Pretty Eyes Ellis, The Great Gape from Portals (Lion's Main publication)
Cody Pherigo's, [The Voice of Internalized Oppression]; [It wasn't like _____, or _____] and [Write about being an unwinged thing] from Animal Sabbath (poem)
E. L. Bangs Interview with the Famed Roller Sara Zephyr Cain from Taking the Lane (fiction)
Aevee Bee, The Story is a Spell. The Story is a Curse. by from
Wryly T. McCutchen, Wrestling with Pronouns (poem), Either Oar and Hard Rituals (personal essay)
Aaron Apps, selected excerpts from Intersex and Dear Herculine (prose poetry)
Red Durkin, A Roman Incident from The Collection

Supplemental works of (presumably) Cis authors (for reading gender transgression into cis texts)
Ranier Maria Rilke, Archaic Torso of Apollo and selections from Sonnets to Orpheus
Sylvia Plath, Tulips
Junot Diaz MFA vs POC