Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poetry Month Project: New Voices

I've decided to start a small project for poetry month. I'm starting a bit late but showing up and starting is more important than getting it right. So here I am.

The project is simple: Read aloud a new (to me) poem every day in April. Record it and post publicly.

My goals for taking on this project are a tad more complicated so I will try to keep them to a simple list. I might write about how it affects me. But later.

The goals:
  1. Familiarize myself with new poets and the lesser known works of poets I already admire.
  2. Become more accustomed to reading poetry aloud. Normalize this practice in my life.
  3. Become more accustomed to the way that testosterone has changed my voice.

Today's poem:

This project was inspired by queer and trans magic.