Monday, October 6, 2014

Morning Post: Magic

I'm not what you would call a morning person. Before the sun is up everything in me is stiff and reluctant. I'm skeptical anything will turn out to be worth the effort of getting out of bed. But it is a beautiful time of day. A quiet unrushed sort of beauty. One that I can drink in if I brave the discomfort.

Waking up this early is like getting into a new or intimidating yoga pose. There something exhilarating about the balance between that discomfort and the beauty. It reminds me that there are risks life is always waiting to have taken and that my limits are not always what I assume they are.

But I'm here. Writing at 6 AM and with not much to even share. So I guess I'll write about what's in front of me.

My partner started to teach me to play Magic in august with the 2015 release set and have been fiddling withe the Kahns of Tarkir recently. And I have to say I love it. Although most of the time I lose and get frustrated by my own luck, I love the exercise and challenge of making the most of the set of mechanics luck happens to had you.

I dislike how whenever the player is referred to by the game it says "he or she". And I want to play with another beginner at some point. But dang is this nerdery just the funnest.

Oh and also my partner and I have been joking/fantasizing about building a novelty deck:


Eh? A Herald and Krumar deck? Anyone?

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